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Welcome, Faithful Readers!

(To all others: "Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here...")

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A Note To New Readers (Or Those Already Exposure-Scarred By Previously Visiting Us On This Author's Homepage Site. . .)

If you've come here —intentionally, or by happy accident, or under duress from one of my loyal corps of Faithful Readers— you've likely realized (or have been warned) that this website is a relatively accurate reflection of an oft-tormented, oft-bemused, oft-charitably-described-as-"eclectic" writer's psyche.

This writer's psyche, at least. (Alas!)

Like most people who write for a living, I'm a meat-hunter— by both nature and circumstance. For that reason alone, expect the not-infrequent plea-'n-pitch for you to "buy my books." (For another excellent reason, my publishers insist on hawking The Product. Frequently. Incessantly, even.) But please: don't let that stop you from buying my books.

Still, I hope you'll also excuse such side-trips into crass commercialism... primarily, because they make me blush; but also, because I trust that you'll see them for what they are: the fast-forward-through-'em PBS-style pledge drives that pay the freight. (See above: "But please: don't let that stop you etc.")

In return for your patience, you'll receive what I hope is other content that you'll find entertaining, amusing... or even (occasionally) edifying. Clicking on the links (at left) will take you there.

So (buy my books!) welcome to the Official Earl Merkel Website (buy my books!), where I hope new readers will become Faithful Readers (buy my books!) as we sidle along in our Ongoing Adventure here, together.

Ahem. We now rejoin our regular programming, eternally in progress...

— EM

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Earl Merkel is the author of FIRE OF THE PROPHET (Diversion Books, 2013), VIRGINS AND MARTYRS (Five Star), FINAL EPIDEMIC (Diversion Books - originally published byPenguinPutnam/NAL) and DIRTY FIRE (Diversion Books - originally published by PenguinPutnam/NAL). •

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A Disclaimer For All Content Herein...

"Yeah: what he said. That's my story too, and I'm sticking to it..."

— Earl Merkel

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