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Fire Of The Prophet

Final Epidemic

Dirty Fire

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In the world of espionage, it’s an axiom: if you think the worst has already happened, you’re about to be proven dead wrong.

A nuclear bomb has rendered Washington, D.C. a wasteland. ‘Lone wolf' shootings erupt throughout the Heartland, striking at an unprotected public.

It is the most coordinated, and devastating attack ever on U.S. soil.

And while vultures circle both at home and abroad, no one yet is certain on who to blame.

Beck Casey has been a CIA agent for too long, privy to too many secrets. He knows how the game is played, how governments play chess when disaster strikes, how terrorists get caught, or get away. This time, the stakes are raised even higher than his country’s future—his own daughter is caught in the crossfire.

This dizzying espionage thriller starts in fifth gear and does not let up. Fans of Vince Flynn and Tom Clancy will not be able to put FALLOUT down.

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Fire Of The Prophet

Fire Of The Prophet


In the world of espionage and terrorism, nothing is ever quite what you’d expect.

It’s always worse.

This is the core theme of Fire Of The Prophet, a thriller set in an international medley of locales widely considered to be the most dangerous places in the world.

Beck Casey, the college-professor-cum-spy protagonist of the bestselling Final Epidemic, returns— now, to confront the very real nightmare that that haunts every national-security expert today: the specter of nuclear terrorism in the American homeland.

Joining him in Fire Of The Prophet are a cast of faces both new and familiar:

• Jeffrey Connor, a rising star at the FBI’s Counter-Terror Division (CTD); a natural leader despite his youth, he is tasked to lead a desperate hunt for an elusive "blue-eyed terrorist" with the dreaded ability to blend seamlessly into the American culture, and who carries a horrific weapon of mass destruction. His hatred of the terrorist threat is matched only by his fiery revulsion of spies... both "theirs" and "ours."

• Katie Casey, Beck’s daughter and an ambitious D.C. lawyer, shielded by Beck from knowledge of either his true profession or its omnipresent inherent perils; she is fiercely loyal, ferociously single-minded, romantically —and unexpectedly— linked with Connor... and trapped both in a doomed city and in a hackles-raising relationship between father and lover.

• Fatíma Huntsman –the daughter of a Palestinian activist and an American woman– now radicalized as a terrorist and armed with a nuclear device in a mission aimed against her fellow American citizens.

Dennis Littrell, a self-described "overly seasoned" veteran news journalist, looking for professional redemption through one last story— a story that might save his nation and the world from a devastating global conflict... or could plunge it irrevocably into one.

In suspense-filled progression, Fire Of The Prophet builds from an opening set along the U.S.-Mexican border –itself, a realistically chilling portrayal of the violence that is routine in this human-smuggling trade, though in Fire Of The Prophet it culminates in a particularly startling manner– through the battlefields of the Middle East, and ultimately takes the reader to a looming Armageddon... in the capital of the United States.

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Final Epidemic

Final Epideic

This is how the world ends...

An invisible killer has returned. The last time it raged, upward of forty million died—in a matter of months.Now it is back, released to prey on an unsuspecting, unprotected world.

The first case appears on a flawless spring morning, initially diagnosed as a common cold—perhaps, a mild flu.

Then the deaths begin.

New York and Florida are quarantined. International travel is halted. A Japanese doomsday cult commits mass suicide, its final mision completed.

Beck Casey, an expert on biological warfare, is called back to his former CIA post to unravel the twisted case... and to discover if a vaccine exists. But Casey's potential allies to save the future are the worst enemies from his past.

Final Epidemic has begun...

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Dirty Fire

Dirty Fire

Police detective John Davey once had everything—until bribery charges destroyed his career, his marriage... his life.

Now he's been given a second chance. Davey is pressured into joining an investigation into the baffling murder of a wealthy Chicago couple savagely murdered before their North Shore mansion was set ablaze.

To the city, it's a scandal. To Davey, it's overkill.

But in the charred ruins, Davey finds clues to something more sinister than deadly premediated arson: a criminal maze threading back through history, and a connection to billions of dollars in artwork that disappeared during the Holocaust. As more victims emerge, Davey begins to suspect the motives of those he is forced to trust, with betrayal layered on betrayal —until he has no one left to believe in but himself.


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